In the 21 Century, Humanity needs «Build peace where it starts – in the minds of men & women.», as UNESCO says.

With peace, there will be sustainability for all. 

In a short time, billions of Human Beings need to learn to be Compassionate and LOVE ALL BEINGS, to Humanity achieve peace and accomplish all the SDGs 2030.

Peace Education is a useful and necessary tool for the prevention and overcoming of the vicious circle of violence. 

For example, annually U$ 4.3 trillion (U$ 4,300,000,000,000) are wasted with the global cost of domestic violence.

Combining the SDGs 16° Peace and 17° Partnerships, we are working to connect all the Communities Worldwide of Artificial Intelligence and Peace Education, to bring a Greater Good to all present and future generations, trying to help Humanity evolves from data, information, knowledge to Wisdom, and from paintings in caverns, papyruses, books, multimedia to AI.