Promote worldwide the combination of Artificial Intelligence and Peace Education.

Just as AI and Machine Learning need Big Data, Human Beings need «Enough Specific Data» to transform the actual culture of violence into Culture of Peace.

We are encouraging all students, professionals, companies, and organizations of the Artificial Intelligence Community to be trained/validated/certified in Culture of Peace and Ethics, becoming an added value to their services and products. 

As part of the validation/certification process, they will develop an AI tool for Peace Education, in partnership with an institution promoter of the Culture of Peace. The synergy resulting from this interaction will develop a virtuous spiral to achieve the SDGs 2030. 

We will stimulate the AI community allocates 1% of its time and resources to develop and promote AI Peace Education tools.

We propose the worldwide simultaneous use of AI with 4 Human Techs: Collective Intelligence, Collaborative Intelligence, Distributed Leadership, and Chaordic Models.