#AI + #SDG16 + #SDG4 + #SDG17 = SDGs 2030
Welcome to the AI 4 Peace Education Movement, started 19th February 2019, after decades of worldwide research and actions, both in ICTs and Peace Education.

Let’s connect Artificial Intelligence with Peace Education,
evolving from data, information, knowledge to Wisdom,
to bring a Greater Good to all present and future generations.

«If Humanity, the Planet, and the Universe deserve Peace,
Humanity needs Peace Education»

Peace Education is an ethical, useful and necessary tool to help all the Human Beings to develop, for example, Compassion, Love, Joy, and Equanimity toward ALL BEINGS, needed to achieve all the SDGs 2030 Sustainable Development Objectives. 

Because Artificial Intelligence AI is the most modern communication and interaction tool, the AI Community has a very important opportunity and role to facilitate, optimize and accelerate the transformation process of Humanity towards Peace, the 16° SDG 2030, to evolve from a knowledge society to the Wisdom Society, during the next 11 years.

The AI 4 Peace Education Movement is a collective action initiative started February 19, 2019, after decades of worldwide R+D in ICTs Innovation, Peace Education and Human Development, did by an experienced multidisciplinary team.

Jorge Carcavallo
co-idealizer of
AI 4 Peace Education Movement