«With the experience of the PAST, in the PRESENT, we build the desired FUTURE.»

We are starting to think, promote and develop with AI the next generation of Tools for Peace Education so that each Human Being can find fast and easy, all the specific answers, at each moment, for personal, family and community development.

PeaceEducation.AI www.peaceeducation.ai
On the way to International Peace Day 2019, on September 13 we registered the domain to develop a synergetic worldwide meeting point for interaction of the AI and Peace Education Communities.
An ecosystem to promote the development with AI of tools for Peace Education and Ethics. A place where Humanity can find all the tools developed by the members of the Community and the members can be contacted to develop specific tools.

AI4HT Artificial Intelligence for HumanTech
We propose the worldwide simultaneous combination of AI with 4 Human Techs: Collective Intelligence, Collaborative Intelligence, Distributed Leadership, and Chaordics Models.
What will happen to Humanity in 10 years if each Human Being, in any level of formal and informal education, learn and apply simultaneously this 4 Human Tech?

AIWoW – Artificial Intelligence Words of Wisdom
Will be online chatbots so that all Human Beings, regardless of their characteristics, can dialogue about Peace Education with the teachings of each Master of Wisdom of Humanity, in all languages. 
Through time and space, Human Beings have always asked questions to try to escape suffering and achieve Happiness. Some of the answers are still useful, necessary and applicable today.
A good and simple example is the possible answer to the question «How should I treat others?» «Treat others as you would want them to treat you.», one of the variants of the Golden Rule of cultures, philosophies, spiritual expressions, indigenous traditions, and religions.

AIWoK – Artificial Intelligence Words of Knowledge
Will be a similar tool to AIWoW, but with modern texts for Human Development by the philosophy, psychology, sociology, etc, For example, there are over 20,000 Books in Kindle Edition for «human development». The NGO Evolutionary Leaders have 48,000 members, for example, Chopra is one of them.

AIWOL – Artificial Intelligence Words OffLine
Will be an offline device with the content of AI-WoW and AI-WoK for free distribution to each refugee and prisoner around the world without Internet access, to help them easily and quickly find responses to the violence them suffer and cause.

AI4PE Game – Artificial Intelligence 4 Peace Education Game an online worldwide game for Human Development.
Will be a 365 days gaming with a specific theme each day, starting with International Days and themes of UN; human values; ethical principles, and local or groups celebrations. Will be possible to play in many ways with any device, from the most simple cell phone to a G5 Smartphone, notebooks, and PCs.